April showers

May 08, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

April means... you guessed it, tulips first of all. Tulips in Sidney,




tulips in The Butchart Gardens








and cherry blooms downtown.


Meanwhile, inhabitants of the jungle a.k.a. Victoria Butterfly Garden live their own life





and live it to its fullest:


Thought those were all tulips you were going to see? Think again






Hummingbirds got really active this year for some reason. Sugar we buy for them starts making a dent in the budget. They pay me back by being good models





Finnerty garden as always has rhododendrons in droves



as well as some other flowers





and some creatures loving their life:


Our Sidney friend. Must be the kindest large dog I've ever seen.


Cattle point moved right to the summer








Let's finish with hummingbirds again. This little guy helped me to grill some meat


and these came for a night cup.




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