2020 summary

January 09, 2021  •  3 Comments

2020 is over. Let me try and put together what it brought for me as a photographer. There are landscapes, eagles, hummingbirds, various other creatures, comet Neowise, Perseid meteor shower and whatnot. Whatever your memories of that year are, hope these images help make it a tad brighter!




























victor lazepko(non-registered)
We love it! These are awesome! Work of art!
Thank you so much for sharing it,
Cheryl Maas(non-registered)
Definitely works of art. The composition and depth of colour make for truly breathtaking photos. Thank you for sharing Vadym.
Photography as fine art! A person would be hard pressed to pick a favourite, everyone is so special. Vadym you just keep getting better and better. Thanks so much for sharing!
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