Winter to Spring

March 24, 2019  •  1 Comment

These couple months were remarkable, in the sheer variety of weather conditions and their unconventional character. That explains somewhat wild changes of the course in the images you are going to see below. We start with quiet evening at the beach, continue with extraordinary hole in the sky that made many look for aliens landing nearby, go on to observe a hummingbird fighting bushtits trying to invade her feeder, observe said hummingbird in the snow, view quite unusual for Victoria snowy landscape and ducks dating on ice, experience relief when see peacocks walking on the grass carefully avoiding snow patches, see the return of the flowers (some peeking through the snow), see the Tsawwassen ferry terminsal (that's me testing new camarea), a very unusual bokeh (that's me testing vintage lens), and finish with a very cute cat. Dizzy yet?


Enjoy :)






















These are stunning! What a treat! Thank you!
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