Beware the March flurries

March 25, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Well, this being Victoria our flurries consist of petals mostly. Let's begin with some crocuses 



...and make sharp turn to birdies (the name's Shadow)



...only to switch to insects 



...but get back to birdies quickly.


Looks like someone's getting a lecture


Elk Lake, doggies heaven



Petals, as I promised. Soon to be a flurry 


Sidney shore, charming as always


with fine dining options. This seagull got an octopus for dinner



while this Heron is still studying the menu, while enjoying seat with a view.


One carefree duck



Wow, that's a lot of birds in this post... Downy woodpecker


Been a while since last crocuses, hasn't it


or cherry blooms


not even speaking of magnolias


and flowers


or moss explosion



Boar-scarer, always reminds me a fight scene from Kill Bill, Folks from Butchart gardens said this on my Facebook page: "This is called shishi-odoshi (鹿威し) which literally translates as "deer-scarer..." but indeed it is used to scarе wild boar and other animals in Japan. We've never heard it called a deer-scarer in English - always boar-scarer.


Petals! One of the less visited corners of The Butchart Gardens. Red petals fall off at the top of the stream which carries them through the entire Japanese garden. Design of a genius



 Let's finish with these two cute messy eaters having a dinner right behind my patio door. Taken with vintage manual lens, through the glass.



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