Autumn bliss

December 01, 2017  •  5 Comments

It's been a while, hasn't it? Fall proved to be a tad busier than I'd like. As it's winding down, let's try and summarize what occurred. First of all, my exhibition at The Atrium on Sept 30 went well. Let me show you what I presented (including myself and Iryna):



It was met with great appreciation and a few of my favorite pieces sold and moved to their new homes. Then our gorgeous autumn started and presented its usual array of amazing photo opportunities. Sharing them with you in no particular order and starting with food, enjoy!


































хорошо выглядите !
Olga Ford(non-registered)
You have a good eye for beauty of nature. The photoes are amazing. Thank you!
Vadym Graifer
Thank you Catherine!

I am discussing showcasing my prints with two cool places right now. Will update when it materializes :)
catherine allison(non-registered)
Looks like a fabulous show.When will you do it again?

Nothing like a woman in a red dress with a little static cling to show the lovely leg lines...thanks for sharing your art.
Beautiful photography.
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