Summer draws to an end

August 27, 2015  •  3 Comments

Let's start with a cat, for no other reason than I like them



Sombrio Beach




Oak Bay



Elk Lake sunset



Perseids Meteor shower. 




Sidney sunsets




Breakwater. Brother and sister paddle-boarding by the cruise ships 



Butchart Gardens fireworks











Chinese Dragon Fountain


Sidney Car Extravanganza





... and some spectators.





We started with a cat, let's finish with one too


In a very good way, this series seems fondly like a benevolent LSD trip, especially the fireworks. Most of it, though, has an other-worldly effect, it somehow transcends reality. Or another words, great stuff, Vad, thanks for sharing.
Tanya Kirshner(non-registered)
Amazing ! Your pictures are getting better and better if it's even possible!!!!!
Igor Vishnevsky(non-registered)
Thumbs up!!
Thank you Vadim.
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