World through the fish eyes

June 25, 2015  •  2 Comments

Not only is this going to be our usual monthly crop of the photos, it's also a whole different view of the world - through the eye of fish. Or, to put it better, using new toy, a fisheye lens, Samyang 7.5 mm (as if you care about such details). 


It presented a dazzling array of new opportunities in my most favorite town of all, Sidney by the Sea:














opened new eyes on the Butchart Gardens:














worked fine to showcase Marigold Nursery, our go-to place for everything that grows:





showed itself as a great forest/lake lens during Elk Lake walk:






gave a few splendid views in Beacon Hill Park:






and finally demonstrated its formidable abilities as an architecture lens around Royal British Columbia Museum:







Now that you had your fill of fisheye images, probably more than you ever wanted in a single blog post, I promise to mix it up in the following posts with more conventional views. Consider this one an outburst of excitement about a new toy


Janet Thompson(non-registered)
this is a wonderful new look and very impressive way to go Mr Very Talented
Victor & Lucie(non-registered)
These are fantastic1
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