January blah

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Well, no so blah - January in Victoria is not exactly your typical "dead of the winter" view. Let's start with downtown, to illustrate the point.






This is part of the collection of hand-themed sculptures scattered through the downtown. This one is right on the causeway. Locals will recognize with ease the reflection of Coho ferry in the mirror


Causeway in the night



Nice January day on the breakwater...


...and the spectacle of a seal dining on his fresh catch - Giant Pacific Octopus





Beacon Hill Park never disappoints - peacock supervising ducks.



Amazing sunset at the Dallas Rd.




Then there was a storm. And after the storm, sun peaked out





Meanwhile, in the Butchart Gardens... 




Time for some birds photos, especially since there is no lack of those here. This seagull is dining as well - got a crab for a snack today.


That's no seagull:


Downy Woodpecker, came to dinner to our feeder:


Not sure whether it's the same guy, but he was posing diligently, right at the Sidney Pier entrance.





Since we are in Sidney, this sunset happened right there. 



And so did this moon


and this duck, put together from driftwood by some creative soul:


My favorite pier after the rain:


Still Sidney


Grilling is inalienable part of winter living in Victoria 


Aquarium (Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre)



One more Sidney sunset, and we are done with January. Not that February promises to be any easier, mind you.












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