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September Roundup

September 11, 2014  •  2 Comments

It's just 10 days of a new month but images start accumulating so I better post some, to keep the size manageable, right? Let's start with flowers, shall we?








Night view of this dancing fountain, always enchanting




Ogden Point (as if you haven't guessed)




New guy in the jungles!


This red-footed tortoise went for a jailbreak. Climbed onto rocky border,


crossed it,


came out on another side,


climbed down (all with blistering speed as you can imagine),


and went for FREEDOM! 


Flamingos tend to create symmetry:


Butterflies is not a traditional subject for B&W, but this one seemed fitting:


... as did this forest trail:


Meditation in Beacon Hill Park




Last Supermoon of 2014 yielded a few nice moonscapes and sunset shots 








We will see if September brings another crop of images or we make next one in October. 


Vadym Graifer
Pretty much :)
Do you live in paradise? Stunning pictures! Waiting for October :)
Thanks a lot!
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