Vadym Graifer | Various signs of spring

Various signs of spring

April 11, 2014  •  2 Comments

Opening images are not exactly limited to spring but for some reason have that feel... or maybe it's just me. Anyway, the first shot took a lot of patience as it wasn't really easy to catch just the right moment. With quite a few of "almost" shots, finally got the right one when a butterfly landed on the flamingo's back under the right angle, opened her wings a tad to let through that iridescent blue, flamingo moved to chase her away... and shutter was clicked right then. Took about an hour of waiting and a bunch of unsuccessful attempts. I think it was worth it:



Meanwhile, there was also butterflies sitting pretty on pretty flowers, so I snapped some:





A photoblog post without a sunset, nah. Can't do that. Sunset on Sidney Fishing Pier, Mt. Baker in the background:






Absolutely hilarious interaction between a cormorant and seagulls:



Oops, I promised you spring! Here it is:







This couple, out for a walk, is it spring or what?



And finally, what's in the air during spring? Right, love. Mating rituals are in full force:



Vadym Graifer
Thank you Anneliese! :)
Super Photos Thank you, Vadym, as always, I love to see what you produce, you have a good eye and obviously a lot of patience.Greetings A,
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