November highlights

November 20, 2014  •  1 Comment

Magical autumn light is always generous to photographers. A few cold clear nights offered some new opportunities, but we will get to it at the end of this post. For now, more traditional fall images.



These guys enjoy the fall too


...and cross the road in a very disciplined fashion:


That's a whole lot of leaves to clean!





Walk along the Ross Bay during nice sunset yielded this series, ending at the Clover Point: 









Beacon Hill Park as always offers a lot of opportunities. Let's start with these willing models, as they climb the branches of a giant sequoia:





Magic of last sun rays:


My favorite bridge


... and a peacock from the previous post, reaching the end of his runway and walking around me as I rudely block his path with my intrusive camera. I swear he murmured something like "darn paparazzi..."



Finally, about those clear cold nights. They bring bright stars, and I got to do what I always wanted to try: star trails. My first three shots at it (pardon the pun), two from Sidney and one from downtown, with majestic Empress Hotel: 





Igor V.(non-registered)
Vadim, you continue to amaze me!
Great pictures of a true artist.
Thank you!
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