This blog includes photography mostly done around Vancouver Island and Victoria BC, with Olympus cameras and lenses. While images deemed printable make it to the galleries, the blog updates may also show just curious every day's shots.

Autumn Blues

November 08, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

It's rather autumn reds and yellows, as you can imagine, but let's pretend that we are sad about summer end - even though the fall season is a true photographer's paradise. With that in mind, let's try and prove the case.








Butchart Gardens - no fall-themed post can be done without it








Beacon Hill is close second. This is newest addition, Moss Lady



Pumpkin Patch in Central Saaninch



Craigdarroch Castle


Back to Beacon Hill Park






Japanese Garden



Elk Lake



Japanese Garden, last of fall colors






That's it for now, but the next month post will probably have some more of the fall colors.

September mix

September 28, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Let's start with flamingo, for no other reason that they are cute



 Little E, ready for take-off





Sidney shore




My favorite backyard guest








They are plotting something, don't they?



 Life is a beach





Aesthetics above all 





Sidney gathered to watch Blood Moon eclipse


It appeared but haze made the show quite weak.


Well, rainbows go with island rains like cigar with whisky




Our daily view



Some night photography for the end of the post


Summer draws to an end

August 27, 2015  •  3 Comments

Let's start with a cat, for no other reason than I like them



Sombrio Beach




Oak Bay



Elk Lake sunset



Perseids Meteor shower. 




Sidney sunsets




Breakwater. Brother and sister paddle-boarding by the cruise ships 



Butchart Gardens fireworks











Chinese Dragon Fountain


Sidney Car Extravanganza





... and some spectators.





We started with a cat, let's finish with one too

Summer strolls

July 27, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

July turned out very productive. A lot of images, difficult to chose. So, without further ado and with as few words as possible.







Average-sized canoes



My favorite breakwater




And of course Sidney



 See the Bald Eagle enjoying sunset view?





Now, that was an adventure - went up above the Town of Sidney in a bucket truck, to photograph the view from high vantage point for the promotional brochure:


Yup, that's my truck far down. I also had to learn how to control it since the panel is right up there in this same bucket, fitting just one person.


Back on Earth and to the breakwater



Centennial park




Street scene in Sidney. Pretty girl and bikes - all the components for a good photo, right?


Beach without music? Not in Victoria.


Two ships. Look closer to find second one


Paint job


Epic sky over Sidney



Waiting for fireworks...


...and fireworks themselves





World through the fish eyes

June 25, 2015  •  2 Comments

Not only is this going to be our usual monthly crop of the photos, it's also a whole different view of the world - through the eye of fish. Or, to put it better, using new toy, a fisheye lens, Samyang 7.5 mm (as if you care about such details). 


It presented a dazzling array of new opportunities in my most favorite town of all, Sidney by the Sea:














opened new eyes on the Butchart Gardens:














worked fine to showcase Marigold Nursery, our go-to place for everything that grows:





showed itself as a great forest/lake lens during Elk Lake walk:






gave a few splendid views in Beacon Hill Park:






and finally demonstrated its formidable abilities as an architecture lens around Royal British Columbia Museum:







Now that you had your fill of fisheye images, probably more than you ever wanted in a single blog post, I promise to mix it up in the following posts with more conventional views. Consider this one an outburst of excitement about a new toy

May flowers

May 25, 2015  •  1 Comment

As April showers promised, May flowers arrived right on cue



Oak Bay marine



Willows Beach. Heavy construction


Sidney never ceases to amaze. You sit on the beach enjoying quiet evening, and then this happens.  Two killer whales swimming by, so close to the shore that if any beach goers took a swim they would be right in their way



As orca swam right under the pier, even cormorant and seagull looked on in awe.


Butchart Gardens. Laburnum exlosion



Stairway to heaven



Bench that beckons


Blue poppies arrived





Pansies - smile-inducing flowers


Last rhodos



A few images from my photoshoot with Centrepointe Ballet School:


Let's finish with serene sunset at the Sidney shore

April showers

May 08, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

April means... you guessed it, tulips first of all. Tulips in Sidney,




tulips in The Butchart Gardens








and cherry blooms downtown.


Meanwhile, inhabitants of the jungle a.k.a. Victoria Butterfly Garden live their own life





and live it to its fullest:


Thought those were all tulips you were going to see? Think again






Hummingbirds got really active this year for some reason. Sugar we buy for them starts making a dent in the budget. They pay me back by being good models





Finnerty garden as always has rhododendrons in droves



as well as some other flowers





and some creatures loving their life:


Our Sidney friend. Must be the kindest large dog I've ever seen.


Cattle point moved right to the summer








Let's finish with hummingbirds again. This little guy helped me to grill some meat


and these came for a night cup.



Beware the March flurries

March 25, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Well, this being Victoria our flurries consist of petals mostly. Let's begin with some crocuses 



...and make sharp turn to birdies (the name's Shadow)



...only to switch to insects 



...but get back to birdies quickly.


Looks like someone's getting a lecture


Elk Lake, doggies heaven



Petals, as I promised. Soon to be a flurry 


Sidney shore, charming as always


with fine dining options. This seagull got an octopus for dinner



while this Heron is still studying the menu, while enjoying seat with a view.


One carefree duck



Wow, that's a lot of birds in this post... Downy woodpecker


Been a while since last crocuses, hasn't it


or cherry blooms


not even speaking of magnolias


and flowers


or moss explosion



Boar-scarer, always reminds me a fight scene from Kill Bill, Folks from Butchart gardens said this on my Facebook page: "This is called shishi-odoshi (鹿威し) which literally translates as "deer-scarer..." but indeed it is used to scarе wild boar and other animals in Japan. We've never heard it called a deer-scarer in English - always boar-scarer.


Petals! One of the less visited corners of The Butchart Gardens. Red petals fall off at the top of the stream which carries them through the entire Japanese garden. Design of a genius



 Let's finish with these two cute messy eaters having a dinner right behind my patio door. Taken with vintage manual lens, through the glass.


Cruelty of February

February 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

My East Coast and prairies friends will have to forgive me for the humorist title. Yes, February in Victoria IS cruel - to the RoC (Rest of Canada). Judge for yourself.


Let's start with forest, shall we? Centennial Park in Central Saanich



Tod Inlet. Blooming moss


Crocus time in Victoria. Started at least couple weeks earlier than usual this year







Sidney shore. Mt. Baker framed by posts...   


...with birds.


This Great Blue Heron enjoyed sunset view along the Dallas Rd., not far from the breakwater.





By now, that Heron was ready to sue me for harassment, so I switched to humans. They enjoyed sunset too.




 Yeah, this blooms too. Micro-iris of some kind?


Butchart Gardens, Japanese section 




Fisgard Lighthouse. Somewhat different view from traditional


And, of course some of my favorite inhabitants of the Butterfly Gardens. Little E,


Ms Jiggs,


and Rose.


January blah

February 09, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Well, no so blah - January in Victoria is not exactly your typical "dead of the winter" view. Let's start with downtown, to illustrate the point.






This is part of the collection of hand-themed sculptures scattered through the downtown. This one is right on the causeway. Locals will recognize with ease the reflection of Coho ferry in the mirror


Causeway in the night



Nice January day on the breakwater...


...and the spectacle of a seal dining on his fresh catch - Giant Pacific Octopus





Beacon Hill Park never disappoints - peacock supervising ducks.



Amazing sunset at the Dallas Rd.




Then there was a storm. And after the storm, sun peaked out





Meanwhile, in the Butchart Gardens... 




Time for some birds photos, especially since there is no lack of those here. This seagull is dining as well - got a crab for a snack today.


That's no seagull:


Downy Woodpecker, came to dinner to our feeder:


Not sure whether it's the same guy, but he was posing diligently, right at the Sidney Pier entrance.





Since we are in Sidney, this sunset happened right there. 



And so did this moon


and this duck, put together from driftwood by some creative soul:


My favorite pier after the rain:


Still Sidney


Grilling is inalienable part of winter living in Victoria 


Aquarium (Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre)



One more Sidney sunset, and we are done with January. Not that February promises to be any easier, mind you.











Christmas lights

January 05, 2015  •  1 Comment

December, as always, provides a lot of opportunities to shoot holiday lights, so large part of this collection will be about those. There are a few more themes to this month though, so you won't get tired of the festive illumination alone.


Let's start with some birds: 




Empress Hotel built a skating rink this year. Here is daylight shot of it, night time ones will follow 



Now, some illumination in Sidney








Star trail over Christmas tree




Downtown lights. Promised skating rink in the night:







December post can't omit Butchart Gardens and their stunning display. There are no iconic shots of Sunken gardens etc, but they are pretty much the same from year to year, so I tried to get some other views and angles. 








These are a few shots from the Lochside drive, just south of Sidney, our usual walking route





 Even inhabitants of the Butterfly Gardens enjoy festive lights:







Now somewhat different views, so your eyes get some rest from all the lights. Fort Rodd Hill:





Swans at the Esquimalt Lagoon:




Got some rest? Back to festivities. Holiday store windows in Sidney:





Enough of winter views. Spring is coming. In Sidney...


...and downtown. Yes, first cherry blooms!


That was rather large post but it was rather eventful month!

November highlights

November 20, 2014  •  1 Comment

Magical autumn light is always generous to photographers. A few cold clear nights offered some new opportunities, but we will get to it at the end of this post. For now, more traditional fall images.



These guys enjoy the fall too


...and cross the road in a very disciplined fashion:


That's a whole lot of leaves to clean!





Walk along the Ross Bay during nice sunset yielded this series, ending at the Clover Point: 









Beacon Hill Park as always offers a lot of opportunities. Let's start with these willing models, as they climb the branches of a giant sequoia:





Magic of last sun rays:


My favorite bridge


... and a peacock from the previous post, reaching the end of his runway and walking around me as I rudely block his path with my intrusive camera. I swear he murmured something like "darn paparazzi..."



Finally, about those clear cold nights. They bring bright stars, and I got to do what I always wanted to try: star trails. My first three shots at it (pardon the pun), two from Sidney and one from downtown, with majestic Empress Hotel: 




Fall in bloom

October 31, 2014  •  1 Comment

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” ― Albert Camus.


October brought in abundance of the fall colors, as it well should. Both sunny and rainy days provided enough of photo opportunities. So, without further ado...


Some flowers (but of course)





Buddha with Angel's Trumpets 


To have flowers and not the butterflies? What kind of disorder would that be!



My favorite bird, posing as always. The name's Little E.


In case you haven't guessed the season - PUMPKINS!


Forest. Trail. Stump. Black and white.







Full Moon rising


Elk Lake, 10 K loop - my favorite treadmill  




 Fall colors at The Butchart Gardens, always amazing spectacle 







 This kid gives seal of approval.


Oak Bay Marina



Back to Butchart in 10 days







Steller's Jay.






Beacon Hill Park - another gem of the season






And to conclude, my favorite of the month - model on the Fall Fashion Show catwalk! 


September Roundup-2

October 03, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Let go over the rest of September catch, to be done with it and move to real fall colors. Sample will be shown here as well though :)


Butchart Gardens at night, magical spectacle










Mount Doug. Meditation:


On the edge:


Recording the view:


Cattle Point.



 Well, can't do a blog post without my favorite town, Sidney!




Butterfly Gardens, never a dull moment




Back to Butchart




Now, this was hilarious. Looked closer into the rose (actually a friend I was with did), and found rose guardian:






Elk Lake, fall colors start making appearance:




Breakwater yielded a few shots of Fried Egg Jellyfish - totally looks like floating, well, fried egg: 



Inner Harbor with first fall colors:



Sidney again, this time in black and white: 



And to finish the post, real fall colors, preview of what next month is likely to be about:

September Roundup

September 11, 2014  •  2 Comments

It's just 10 days of a new month but images start accumulating so I better post some, to keep the size manageable, right? Let's start with flowers, shall we?








Night view of this dancing fountain, always enchanting




Ogden Point (as if you haven't guessed)




New guy in the jungles!


This red-footed tortoise went for a jailbreak. Climbed onto rocky border,


crossed it,


came out on another side,


climbed down (all with blistering speed as you can imagine),


and went for FREEDOM! 


Flamingos tend to create symmetry:


Butterflies is not a traditional subject for B&W, but this one seemed fitting:


... as did this forest trail:


Meditation in Beacon Hill Park




Last Supermoon of 2014 yielded a few nice moonscapes and sunset shots 








We will see if September brings another crop of images or we make next one in October.